Our Process

"We Design with the idea that Château de Laquant is not just a beautiful brand , but a beautiful Person. A person that has never been seen before by the public, one that is clearly a risk taker and very different from every other person on the planet. Completely unique, as if he or she was from another time or life."-  Laquant

Our History

Château de Laquant has been one of the leading Exotic leather goods and Luxury Fur makers since 2009, which was founded by designer Laquant. Laquant has always focused on using the most exotic, luxurious furs and leathers to create what we call "artful luxury".


From the very beginning we have used only the finest crocodile, stingray,python,and ostrich to construct accessories and goods that strongly compete with the very best names in fashion such as Hermes, Tom Ford and Lanvin.


In 2012 Founder Laquant set out to pursue that same spirit of artful luxury, into designing and producing fur coats women and men. However, staying on course of only producing furs that are exotic enough to induce luxury and status to all who wear them. Exotic crocodile Jewelry and crocodile sneakers are just the latest releases from Château de Laquant to dorn our clientele, again inducing luxury and status in a fashionable yet casual way.       

The process of crafting luxury furs and exotic leathers is grueling and tedious, but when done with care it can be the difference between a nice handbag or an exceptional handbag. Our Artisans take a minimum of 70 hours to complete the stitching on 1 Crocodile duffel bag, and when finished that same Crocodile duffel bag is taken through a 96 point Quality Control Inspection, which takes two days to insure its durability and seamless construction.


We take every precaution to ensure our exotic skins are the every best in the market, and our fur suppliers understand it is imperative the fur pelts they provide us exceed our own expectations. Our main objective with every piece, is to design and construct the piece to a point of beauty where it is so gorgeous, that we don't want to part with it.

Our Process
Our Legacy

Timeless....Is the one word we use to describe our legacy in fashion. Every piece should be unique, fashionable, luxurious,and definitely conversation provoking.


However, without a definitive thought of timelessness any piece can be fashionable today, but déclassé one year or even one season for that matter. Our clientele continue to order and reorder our exotic bags and furs because we keep our designs Cutting edge, but timeless.




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